Theodore Beza, “On the Plague”

I have finished my editing process on Beza’s helpful little text “On the Plague.” I am currently looking into publishing options to the get the entire treatise out to the public. Here is my original introduction and the introduction of Mr. Edward Percivall from the 1665 edition. IntroductionTheodore Beza (June 24, 1519 – October 13, […]

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Why Study the Reformed Scholastics?

For most of modern Reformed theology, there has been an operating thesis which says that, after Calvin, there was a departure from the pure evangelical theology of the first generation of Reformers. The simple, pastoral style of Calvin and others was abandoned for the complex and overly rational method of the Scholastics. This thesis has […]

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Summer Project

Greetings all! It’s been a while since I have updated this blog and I appreciate your patience! Given that this is a personal project of mine, in the nature of the case it takes a back seat to other callings that I have. Recently, I took up an internship in Charlelston and will be in […]

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Greetings all! There have been some new followers lately and I thought it good to update you all (especially the new ones) on what’s going on. There has not been a lot of activity here because I have been wrapping up my semester in seminary. Over the summer. Once exams are behind me I plan […]

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